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Our Philosophy: Our program is based upon the principle that solid technique, hard work, and a competitive environment help build champions. There are no shortcuts; success is dependent upon technical advantages (better biomechanics), consistency, speed, mental toughness, and a complete understanding of tactics.

We teach individuals, not systems, and we care about the player and long term potential, knowing that results will follow. Enjoyment of competition and helping the players to play their best in various match conditions is our goal. Good sportsmanship will be strongly encouraged. The pros will work as a team to improve weaknesses and strengths, and develop honest, well-rounded, and confident individuals who enjoy competition and give an all-out effort every time they step on the tennis court.

Tennis Lessons, Programs & Services:
•  Winter Junior Tennis Camps 
•  Junior Tennis (ages 5 and up)
•  Carrington Junior Tennis Academy
•  Hunter Oaks Junior Tennis Academy
•  Adult Private Tennis Lessons
•  Family Group Lessons
•  Ladies Beginners Group Clinic 101
•  Working Beginners Ladies Group Clinic 101
•  Working Beginners Men's Group Clinic 101
•  Adult Group Lessons
•  Adult Saturday Tennis Drills
•  Junior Private Lessons
•  Summer Junior Tennis Camps
•  Daddy Daycare Free Play Sports Camps 

Beginner Tennis Lessons:
This program is for someone new to tennis.
Fundamentals, Fundamentals, Fundamentals!

Intermediate Tennis Lessons:
This program is for the player looking to add more spin, direction, speed, tactics and strategy to their tennis game.

Advanced Tennis Lessons:
This program is for the player looking to advance into high performance (4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 players). Emphasis will be on advanced technique, tactics, strategy, conditioning, and match play with advanced players or advanced hitting partners.

ATP & WTA Hitting Sessions:
This program is for the player who wants to practice like the pros do. The pros put their games through a check process warm-up, ground strokes, volleys, overheads, serve & returns and point play!

Lesson Costs:
•  Private lessons cost $150 / hour
•  1 hour private lesson costs $150
•  30 minute private lesson costs $75
•  1 hour ATP & WTA hitting session costs $2,500
•  30 minute evaluations cost $75

  • stroke analysis and evaluation
  • weaknesses evaluation and improvement
  • stroke development and technique
  • strategic development, singles/doubles
  • competitive conditioning
  • serve analysis and evaluation
  • volley analysis and evaluation.tting practice

Tennis lessons can be 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or 120 minutes.

24 Hours notice required for cancellations.

 Pre-paid  Packages     

  • 1 hour lesson for $150
  • 6 hour lesson package deal - $800
  • 12 hour lesson package deal - $1,700
  • 16 hour lesson package deal - $2,300
  • 20 hour lesson package deal - $2,900
  • 30 hour lesson package deal - $3,500
  • 52 hour lesson package deal - $5,900
  • 80 hour lesson package deal - $6,500

24 Hours Notice Required For Cancellations.