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The best or nothing 


Surma is one of the rare tennis professionals who takes a personal interest in the tennis player as a person.  He genuinely cares about the entire well being of an individual and is always there to support your cause.  The first day I met Surma I was on a court incredibly frustrated, working on my serve.  He did not just walk by waiting for you to make a lesson time, he offered his help, no strings attached, right there with genuine intent.   I have known Surma for close to ten years and even though i have not been in contact on the court with him he keeps in contact off the court.  If you want a professional who is there for the right reasons... who is there to help you achieve your goals both emotionally and physically, Surma is the one. 
- Michele Laster

I used to like to hit "winners", mostly at the expense of hitting the net. Coach Surma broke my game down and slowly put it back together taking my game from a 3.5 to a 5.0 level player. And what a joy it is to hear him say over and over again during our practice session in hot mid-afternoon in July: "Correct your stroke and Do the right thing..."
- Oleg Tcheremissine, MD

I have traveled the world, lived in many places, and have been a member of several tennis clubs; in all my tennis pro experiences I have never hit with any pro who meets my expectations which were set by Surma).  His attention to each aspect of my game and tenacity in teaching me how to improve my shots has made me a better player.  Surma not only strives to make his students better players, but makes it fun in the process, he always challenges you to be better than you think you are. Unfortunately I moved away from the area and have not been able to find a pro that even remotely measures up to Surma -- my greatest wish would be that he would move to my area.  He goes the extra mile for those who are lucky enough to have him as a tennis pro.
- Joan Schmidt

I have known Surma for close to ten years, and it that time he has shown great knowledge and passion for the game. As a former Professional tennis player, he has helped me hone my skills further and raise the caliber of my play. Surma’s ability to help younger players as well is a testament to his resolve and patience with new players; he has helped my children personally to sharpen their skills. I highly recommend Surma to anyone looking to take their play to the next level!!!
- Keith Dixon

Surma will always greet you with a genuine smile. He has shared his tennis skills with all five members of my family,from team tennis and junior clinics for my three daughters, to group and individual lessons for my husband and I. He will also encourage you to run, cross train , and eat healthy. Surma is a great tennis instructor that also became a good family friend.
- Paula Segura-Cortina

Throughout the years I quite unsuccessfully tried to learn how to play tennis. I gave up and accepted that I lacked the hand-eye coordination necessary to play the game. 

Then I met Surma!  

Surma is a teacher of the highest caliber. He takes the game and breaks it down into the smallest part and gradually puts it all back together. I was hitting the ball from the first lesson and within a few more lessons actually playing tennis. 

Surma has the insight to tailor the lesson to the student. Whether you've never picked up a racket or you've been playing tennis for years, Surma will help you reach your potential. He is dedicated to his profession and will take you as far as you are willing to go. As an experienced educator, I can attest to Surma being BOTH a master in his trade and a master teacher of his trade—a stellar combination!  If Surma can fit you into his schedule, don't walk—get your racket and run to the court!
- Katherine Allender

Surma is my "go to pro" for working on my tennis game.  Improving my forehand, working on a slice serve, executing a backhand or working on specialty shots he's the one I call.  He's on the courts teaching all the time.  I have been with Surma for over five years and look forward improving my game with him in the future.
- Janice Wetteroff